Master the fundamentals
of Dermatosurgery,
Cosmetology, Trichology
and Laser medicine

Specialty Certificate Course
in Aesthetic Medicine


Dr. Savant’s Institute

Duration & Format

1-week onsite course




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Course Director

Dr. Satish S. Savant


Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon,
Postgraduate Medical Student


Lectures + Videos + Live Procedures


Aesthetic medicine has seen massive growth in the recent past. Rising aspirations are prompting women as well as men to become serious about their appearance. The worldwide aesthetic medicine market (valued at USD 9.2 Billion in 2017) is expected to witness more than a 10 percent year-on-year growth till 2024, according to a Global Market Research report.

Advancements in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures drive this development. Naturally, aesthetic medicine is the sunrise sector for practising physicians and dermatologists. Expertise in the latest aesthetic medicine procedures and treatments can open up new opportunities for medical practitioners like you. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many training centres for new doctors, under-graduates, post-graduates and specialists in these fields.

To address this, Hansa Medcell in collaboration with Dr. Satish S. Savant and a panel of eminent experts in Aesthetic medicine has introduced a one-week certificate course. Our fast track course packages latest information on diverse domains within Aesthetic Medicine. The comprehensive modules include Dermatosurgery, Cosmetology, Trichology, Laser medicine, Finance, Administration and Marketing.

  • Fortify your knowledge of Dermatosurgery, Cosmetology, Trichology and Laser Medicine to stay abreast with the latest in these domains
  • Learn to dexterously manage issues and complications in these fields
  • Know when to use specific diagnostic procedures in the course of your practice
  • Master business fundamentals including finance, administration and marketing
  • Subject orientation, lectures, video clips and live demonstrations of various procedures in Dermatosurgery, Cosmetology, Trichology, and Laser Medicine
  • Lectures and discussion on Finance, Administration and Marketing
  • One-on-one interaction with the faculty
  1. Basic – 1: Introduction to Dermatosurgery, Documentation, Applied Anatomy, Anaesthesia and Emergencies, Wound healing, Biopsy techniques (Skin, Mucosa, Scalp), Intra lesional therapy
  2. Basic – 2: Ellipse and Suturing Techniques, Surgery for Epidermal cysts, Lipomas, Mucocele, Corn and Mole Surgery, ELR, Skin Grafting
  3. Electrosurgery and Radiosurgery
  4. Chemical Peeling: Superficial and medium depth
  5. Cryosurgery
  6. Hypertrophic Scars, Keloids and Acne Keloidalis Nuchae (AKN)
  7. Surgery for Active Acne and Acne Scars
  8. Dermabrasion: Spot, Regional and Full Face
  9. Nail Surgeries
  10. Vitiligo Surgeries
  1. Microneedling – Dermaroller
  2. Microneedling Radio Frequency (RF)
  3. Botulinum toxin
  4. Fillers
  5. Thread lift for skin tightening and voluminization
  6. Mesotherapy: Growth factors, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for Skin Rejuvenation and Hair loss
  7. Skin rejuvination and tightening: Ablative / nonablative – Fractional laser / Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) / RecoSMA
  8. Face Lifting and Contouring: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
  1. Approach to hair loss (androgenetic alopecia in males and females, telogen effluvium, etc.)
  2. Hirsutism
  3. Investigations for hair disorders
    1. Trichogram
    2. Laboratory investigations: Routine, hormonal and specific
    3. Newer advanced modalities like trichoscan, trichoscopy etc and their utility in everyday practice
  4. Treatment for hair disorders
    1. Medical line of treatment inclusive of topical, nutritional, hormonal and specific
    2. Mesotherapy: Growth Factors, Stem cells, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Nutrients
    3. Surgical: Follicular Unit Transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction and transplant Laser Medicine
    4. Laser Medicine
      Laser – 1:
      1. Lasers Physics and Tissue Interactions, Laser Parameters, Safety Measurements,Purchasing Guidelines
      2. Laser / Light Hair Reduction (Diode, Long Pulsed Nd:YAG, IPL)
      Laser – 2:
      1. Laser for Pigmented lesions (QS Nd:YAG (Q–Switched Neodymium–Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet – 532 / 1064 nm)
      2. Laser for Vascular lesions (Pulsed Dye laser– 585 / 595 nm)
      3. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with different cut off filters for various conditions like hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, vascular conditions
      Laser – 3:
      1. Laser for Cutting / Resurfacing / (Ablation) CO2, Er:YAG laser (Erbium–Doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet)
      Laser – 4:
      1. Fractional lasers (ablative / non ablative / pigmented lesion – CO2 , Er:YAG, QS Nd:YAG 1064)
      2. Lasers for Miscellaneous conditions: Acne, Acne scars, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin tightening, Scars, Pigmentation (Excimer lamp 308nm,RecoSMA)
Finance Administration and Marketing
  1. Dermatology Practice Startup and Its Challenges
    1. Target Audience, Location, Differentiating Points, Name, Logo
  2. Branding and Marketing
    1. Minimum Viable Projects vs. Optimum Lounge
    2. Fundraising and Finance
    3. Importance of Team
  3. Scaling up your Practice – A Different Perspective
    1. Different Ways of Scaling Up
    2. Different Ways of Marketing
  1. Dr. Satish S. Savant (Director): The Humanitarian Clinic – Skin, Hair & Laser Centre, Mumbai; Dr. Savant’s Institute of Dermatosurgery, Cosmetology, Trichology & Laser Medicine.
  2. Dr. Jaishree Sharad: Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist and Hon. Consultant, Mahatma Gandhi Mission Hospital, Navi Mumbai.
  3. Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya: Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist & Director, Sakhiya Skin Clinic, Surat, Gujarat.
  4. Dr. Shankar Sawant: Consultant Dermatologist and Hair Restoration Surgeon, P.D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.
  5. Dr. Kuldeep Saxena: Consultant Dermatologist and Hair Restoration Surgeon, Cosmazone, Gwalior.
  6. Dr. Ganesh Avhad: Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon, RCF Hospital and Tata Power Hospital, Mumbai.
  7. Dr. Dnyanesh Mhatre: Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist, Mhatre's Skin & Laser Clinic, Mumbai.
  8. Dr. Sandeep S. Savant: Consultant Dermatologist and Hair Restoration Surgeon, Hon. Consultant Shraddha Vihar Hospital, Mumbai.
  9. Dr. Anuya Manerkar: Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist, Disha Hospital, Mumbai.
  10. Dr. Sushil S. Savant (Assistant Director): Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Dermatosurgeon. The Humanitarian Clinic – Skin, Hair & Laser Centre, Mumbai; Brahma Kumari's Global Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai.
  11. Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar: Serial Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert and Trainer.

Course Director

Dr. Satish S. Savant


Dr. Satish S. Savant, a pioneering Dermatosurgeon of India, has inspired many dermatologists to perform Dermatosurgery in their daily practice. He is the director of Dr. Savant’s Institute of Dermatosurgery, Cosmetology, Trichology and Laser Medicine. He has worked as the Head of Dermatology and S.T.D at Nanavati Hospital and Medical Research Centre in Mumbai, and an Honorary Consultant to Armed Forces Medical Services, India. He has also worked as a Visiting Professor at University of Wales, (UK).

Dr. Savant has standardised and innovated many surgical procedures and instruments and done pioneering work in the areas of Dermabrasion, Vitiligo surgery, Nail surgery and Laser surgery.

Dr. Savant has edited and co-authored a text book on Dermatosurgery and Cosmetology (3rd Edition) which is a popular resource in the fields of Dermatosurgery, Cosmetology, Trichology and Laser Medicine. A revered speaker at dermatology conferences and workshops, both in India and abroad, he has received numerous state-level and national awards for his original contributions in the field of dermatosurgery. Some of the prominent awards include Ambadi Oration, Dr. P. N. Behl Oration and the Teacher Par Excellence Award from IADVL.