Hone your skills and enrich
your lifelong commitment
to children's health more
meaningfully with CCH

Course in Child Health (CCH)


Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital For Children

Duration & Format

1-year offline course






Registered Medical Practitioners


3 Text Modules + 1 Online Exam


Children's diseases have emerged as a growing concern in the medical world. World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates indicate nearly 6.3 million mortalities among children under the age of 15 during the year 2017-approximately 17,260 child-deaths per day. Of this, close to 5.4 million deaths were under the age of 5, and about 2.5 million children died within the first month of life. Besides common diseases such as Pneumonia, respiratory infections, diarrhoea, the common risk factors include low birth weight, malnutrition, non-breastfed children, overcrowded conditions, and poor hygiene practices.

Reduction of child mortality for our future generations calls for immaculate levels of care by capable and knowledgeable healthcare service providers. Given this scenario, continuous upgradation of knowledge is a must for medical practitioners. Hansa Medcell brings to you a comprehensive Course in Child Health (CCH) from The Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children and Research Centre in association with the Asian Society of Continuing Medical Education.

With its exclusive focus on paediatric healthcare practitioners and clinicians, CCH aims at equipping you with a 360° understanding of various disease conditions in children. Crafted in a text format, CCH consists of three modules. These feature updated knowledge about crucial subjects related to child diseases and their management. Actionable information on preventive and clinical practice along with diagnostics is a salient aspect of the course.

Improve your subject knowledge with CCH's concise and insightful course modules. Effectively diagnose general issues in children involving growth, development and clinical conditions. CCH will enable you to explore innovations in diagnostic armamentarium and its judicious use. Hone your skills and enrich your lifelong commitment to children's health more meaningfully with CCH.

  • Learn various topics covered in a concise, clinically relevant manner
  • Enhance your ability to apply your anatomic and physiologic knowledge, along with its variation in children
  • Gain deep understanding of the normal growth and development in children
  • Delve into etiologies and pathophysiologies of various childhood disorders (infectious and non-infectious) and their effective management
  • Three (03) Text Modules
  • One (01) Online Exam
  • Certificate on completion of the course

For Registered Medical Practitioners only

Rs 5,000/-

About Asian Society of Continuing Medical Education

Asian Society of Continuing Medical Education is a registered society and not for profit forum of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL's) engaged in updating the skills and knowledge of practicing doctors by providing Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities. It is involved in leveraging the evidence-based knowledge and skills of the thought leaders drawn from various medical specialties and reaching out to a large number of practicing doctors across the country. The Distance education mode has enabled practicing doctors from the remotest parts of India to conveniently participate in the courses without any sacrifice to their practice.