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Postgraduate Programme in
Advanced Cardiology from NYCS


New York
Cardiological Society

Duration & Format

1-year online course




USD 500

Course Director

Dr. John (Chad) Wick Teeters


Graduate Degree in Medicine


6 modules (with built in case study) +
6 Video lecture + Online Tests

Sample Course Preview
(Text module) (Video lecture)

In the year 2010, cardiovascular diseases led to death of 18.1 million patients worldwide. By 2020, this number is likely to grow to 20.5 million and to 24.2 million by 2030, as per World Health Organisation estimates. While the incidence of CVDs is on the rise worldwide, there has been a noticeable shift in the patient base from developed to developing countries. A deeper and updated knowledge of CVDs amongst physicians in terms of disease prevention, reduction of risk factors, and improved disease management can go a long way in saving millions of priceless lives.

To this end, Hansa Medcell offers its Postgraduate Course in Advanced Cardiology from New York Cardiological Society. Jointly developed by the globally acclaimed New York Cardiological Society and Medical Educational & Scientific Foundation of New York (MESF), this course provides world class education in advanced cardiology.

Our course’s comprehensive curriculum will equip you with the latest in advanced cardiology developments. Get deep insights into cardiovascular diseases, related complications and their management. Enhance knowledge levels without compromises on your busy schedule with the Postgraduate Course in Advanced Cardiology from NYCS.

On successful completion of the programme, you will acquire:

  • Theoretical and practical fundamentals of cardiology
  • Complete pharmacological and non-pharmacologoal management of CVDs
  • In-depth review of complications and management or CVDs
  • Advanced management of comorbidities in CVDs
  • Cardiovascular care at the community level—awareness and prevention
  • Cardiovascular management components and tools for therapeutic doctor-patient relationship.
  • This is a one year self-paced online program of 6 modules.
  • Each module contains one text module with in-built case studies and 6 video lectures that will be uploaded in users account alternatively every month.
  • There will also be one final online exam which is mandatory and participants must receive a score of at least 60% to be eligible for the Certificate of Completion.
  • Module 1: Clinical Cardiology
  • Module 2: Investigations in Cardiology
  • Module 3: Heart failure
  • Module 4: Heart diseases and their management
  • Module 5: Acute Coronary syndrome
  • Module 6: Preventive Cardiology
  • John (Chad) wick Teeters, MD
  • William Roy Slater, MD
  • Jeffrey S Berger, MD, MS, FAHA, FACC
  • Shaline Rao, MD, FACC, FACP FASE, FSCCT
  • Norma M. Keller, MD, FACC

About the New York Cardiological Society

The New York Cardiological Society (NYCS) was founded in 1926 in honour of the Scottish cardiologist, Sir James Mackenzie, a prominent physician in clinical and investigative cardiology in the early 20th century. In 1928, under new leadership, the Society's name changed from the Sir James Mackenzie Cardiological Society to the New York Cardiological Society. In its early days, the group was described as “a small group, but...earnest to learn what there was to know about their special subject.”

The NYCS evolved during the 1930s and 1940s and directed its focus to serve practicing cardiologists and on continuing post-graduate education — a gap that was not being addressed by other organisations during this time. The Society hoped to expand the aims on which the organization was founded to a national scale and, in 1949, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) was founded.

The NYCS is the education arm of New York Chapter of American College of Cardiology. The mission of NYCS is to implement new ideas to meet unmet needs therein leading to effective management of conditions in Cardiology so as to improve the quality of life.

Course Director

Dr. John (Chad) Wick Teeters, (MD)

Program Director

New York Cardiology Society

An Educational arm of New York Chapter of ACC